1. Robodamus 3An AI system devised by DeepMind will beat the best human at Go. (Rather splendidly, he is called Yoda.)
  2. SwiftKey’s Neural Alpha – a keyboard for phones which uses Deep Learning to dramatically improve predictive typing – will be launched to the general public and will be big news.
  3. Virtual reality will become really quite a big thing.
  4. The existential risk organisations (FLI in Boston, FHI at Oxford, CSER at Cambridge, MIRI in California) will continue to grow resources and awareness despite a media backlash against 2015’s excitement about all things AI.
  5. My book The Economic Singularity, about technological unemployment, will be published.
  6. The debate about Universal Basic Income (UBI) will go mainstream, and become politicised. The left will demand it immediately, but no country will introduce it nationwide.
  7. Siri, Cortana etc will get much better. But we won’t settle on a generic name for them yet.
  8. Google Glass will make a comeback, ducking the “glasshole” cynicism by targeting B2B applications.
  9. Google will announce a significant development with their collection of robot companies.
  10. Intel will decide whether or not it is able to keep Moore‘s Law going in the next decade. If it can’t, IBM, Samsung and others will claim that they can.
  11. The number of items considered part of the burgeoning Internet of Things will reach seventy bazillion.
  12. California will reverse its decision to impose bureaucratic roadblocks to self-driving cars. Buses and trains without human drivers or chaperones will appear in a few more towns and cities around the world, and more new passenger cars will contain self-driving elements.

Happy New Year!

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