“It’s wonderful. It made me want to drop everything and fly out there.” – Stephen Fry on Exploring Andalusia

The Louvre museum with its famous pyramid entrance.


The “Exploring” series

These illustrated travel books are a departure from my futurist books, and are developed together with my partner Julia. Taking advantage of our lives as digital nomads, they are intended to whet your appetite to visit places that we have enjoyed, and evoke fond memories if you have enjoyed them too.

Carefully curated photographs show you what to expect in each place, and short, pithy text provides just enough background information, with curious and unexpected historical and cultural insights.

They are short books, mostly between 4,000 and 8,000 words, and available in Kindle ebook format only.* The text is concise, and illustrated by carefully selected photographs – as you know, a picture paints a thousand words. This means we have been able to make them ridiculously inexpensive.

Each book will give you a new and deeper understanding of its subject, and prepare you for a more interesting and enjoyable trip. They also makes great souvenirs. We hope you will find them informative, entertaining, and inspiring. They are personal projects, dictated solely by our own whims and fancies. We hope they will tickle yours.

* Exploring Andalusia is the exception: it is a full-length book, available as ebook and paperback.

The authors


Exploring Andalusia

“Stunning pictures are built into an equally exquisite text which distils love for the subject, mastery of the topics, and savoury pinches of intelligent humour.” – Luis Rey, Director, International College of Seville

“If you’re planning to visit Andalusia, this is the book.” – Michael Barry, author of Homage to Al-Andalus

“Exploring Andalusia” was the first illustrated travel book we made. It is available in both paperback and Kindle ebook formats. For convenience, we have now published the chapters on each of the six cities covered separately, and also the chapter on Andalusia’s white villages.


Exploring France

So far we have produced five titles on France – four on its largest cities, and the other on one of its most popular skiing areas.


Exploring Italy

We start our coverage of Italy with its second-largest city, which receives fewer leisure visits than it deserves.