OK, I know some people have had enough of Mr Musk lately, but he does keep saying and doing interesting things.

In a wide-ranging and intriguing 8-minute interview with Max Tegmark (leading physicist and a founder of the Future of Life Institute), Musk lists the five technologies which will impact society the most.  He doesn’t specify the timeframe.

His list of five is (not verbatim – it appears at 4 minutes in):

  • Making life multi-planetary
  • Efficient energy sources
  • Growing the footprint of the internet
  • Re-programming human genetics
  • Artificial Intelligence

A pretty good list, IMHO.

What is very cool is that he goes on to say (in his customary under-stated way) that he is “working on” the first three, and looking for ways to get involved in the other two.  “Working on” is extraordinarily modest when you consider that his contribution to the first two are SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City.

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