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AI and the Next Ten Years

The Metaverse: what is it, and what does it mean for you?

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Debate on AI in patent law

CIPA, the Chartered Institute of Patent Lawyers, organised a debate on the motion “This House believes that within 25 years, a patent will be filed and approved without human intervention.”  Together with Chrissie Lightfoot, author of The Naked Lawyer *, I spoke in favour of the motion.  Although the audience was mostly patent lawyers, the motion passed, 80 votes to 60.

The event was ably chaired by Tom Clarke, Channel 4’s Science Editor, and our valiant but trounced opponents were Nigel Hanley and Ilya Kazi.

A YouTube clip of edited highlights is here, and this is a review of the event by James Nurton, the UK’s go-to man for IP.

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* Essential reading for lawyers!