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1. Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities

  1. The best time in human history

  2. The achievements and promise of AI

  3. The economic singularity: joblessness and the leisure society

  4. The technological singularity: superintelligence

  5. Our most important century

2. The Next Ten Years

  1. Two Big Bangs

  2. Exponentials

  3. Products: Phones, Cars, Robots

  4. Services: Healthcare and Education

  5. Superintelligence soon?

3. Digital Transformation: Survive and Thrive

  1. The best time in human history

  2. Exponential change

  3. Companies must get ABLE

  4. Individuals must get REAL

  5. Why this is the most important time ever

4. Healthcare and AI

  1. The ear and the rear

  2. The What, How, and Why of AI

  3. CEO of your own health

  4. AI-driven pharmacy

  5. Longevity Escape Velocity

5. Education and AI

  1. Education is a slow learner

  2. The What, How, and Why of AI

  3. Personalised AI tutors

  4. Virtual education

  5. Vacational, not vocational

6. The Metaverse

  1. A very old idea

  2. Smartphones and smart glasses

  3. Augmented, Virtual, Mixed, and Extended Reality

  4. How to make money

  5. Use cases

7. Surviving Superintelligence

  1. What is this AI thing anyway?

  2. AI’s Big Bangs and the state of the art

  3. Can we create human-level AI?

  4. Would a Superintelligence like us?

  5. The peril and the promise

8. The Economic Singularity: a Jobless Future?

  1. De-mystifying AI

  2. Exponentials and technological unemployment

  3. The Luddite fallacy

  4. Automation is our friend

  5. Joblessness and Abundance

9. The Philosophy of AI

  1. Intelligence, consciousness, and AI

  2. Trolleyology: would you throw the fat man off the bridge?

  3. Slaves to the algorithm (with apologies to Grace Jones)

  4. Could a machine be a moral agent?

  5. The simulation hypothesis